Personal Guidance

So you need a little extra help. Don’t we all? Our readings and reports were created to deliver clarity regarding the muck you’re stuck in and how to get out of it. Heads up, we charge for these services. A small amount. But they’re worth it. Founder, Cheryl Ambrose, has finally come to her senses and now offers her visionary Soul Contract Reading online. You save on airfare. 

You are meant to do amazing things with your time on Earth. We all are. But before embarking on that awesome journey, we’ve got to clear out the clutter that ties us to the past. Perhaps your heart is broken. Perhaps you just can’t find the money or time to pursue your passion. Perhaps you feel all alone and unsupported.

No matter your troubles, know that you are never alone. Spirit, Source, God, Universe, call it what you want, is always present, especially in the moments when you feel rejected, abandoned, uncertain. Those are your turning point moments. We’re here to help you tap into the energies of the Universe and propel your life forward.


Soul Contract Readings

Life sucks sometimes. We get it. But we also get how to figure out the source of those never-ending troubles. Whether you’re desperate to resolve your financial frustrations,  your romantic quandaries, your absolute boredom with life, your certainty that there has to be more to life than this, then the Soul Contract Reading is for you.


Goddess Astrology

Do you believe destiny is in your hands? We do too. But there are times when it feels like the Universe is trying to push you over the ledge. It isn’t. It’s just those 12 Goddesses in your birth chart who are trying to remind you of the 12 secret challenges your soul has come here to master. The Goddess Astrology Report will reveal those secrets. And naturally the solutions to mastering the mysteries of your life.