Y & S, Germany

We first met Cheryl in 2011. Her reading of our auras and vibrations had an immediate impact, explaining why we were experiencing certain life changing situations at that time. Her Soul Contract Reading was personal and informative as she tapped into the Universe to facilitate what needed to be told to us. We had goosebumps during the session that stayed on for several hours later. It was one of our most memorable experiences to date.

Some people are healers and some are facilitators. In our opinion, Cheryl is both. It was obvious to us that her talents were manifesting to assist people in understanding the true meaning and purpose to life, not how is it perceived from the human perspective. That is why we returned for a second reading just recently. Lo and behold, she made sense once again in helping us understand why certain events were unfolding and how to handle them.

As these sessions are personal in nature, we do not wish to share them in whole but just in excerpts. She walked us through some of our past lives in Atlantis, ancient Egypt and more recently in South America and Europe, how some of them were lived and why it is impacting us today.

To us, Cheryl is the real thing: a noble soul who brings a true connection to the spirit world within and among us.