Katena L, Singapore

I walked into Cheryl’s Astrology of Atlantis Workshop a total newbie to astrology. All I can say is, this pint-sized lady sure packs a punch!
 The class was refreshing and exciting, throwing tons of insights. If you are looking for a generic form of understanding astrology, you are at the wrong space.

It’s an esoteric journey of understanding what your soul seeks by bringing you into different realms, and grounding you back into your present life journey. Cheryl teaches with a very calm, assuring presence, with a deep soothing voice, she helps unveil our fears, lessons and gifts. Ultimately, Courage and Freedom through balancing our soul’s journey with this world of reality.

A very uplifting, special and inspiring teacher. Drop your ego, take a ride with Cheryl and I am sure you will arrive at a beautiful destination.