Chean Khan G, Singapore

I first came to know about Cheryl Ambrose’s work through her article, “Divine Timing: How Miracles Happen”. Since then, my experience with time has never been the same.

Cheryl Ambrose understands energy in her own unique way. This attracted me to attend her workshops. Her way of holding and transforming energies has always inspired me, showing us that we can really create beauty in our lives.

Her Astrology in Atlantis workshop explores our relationship with the universe. The series of workshops is practical, motivating us to make our dreams into current reality and yet able to transcend lifetimes and karmic webs, going back to the Origin, making us aware why we are here on earth.

It is a blessing to have learned tarot from her. Her Visionary Tarot has made me realize that tarot is not merely a tool of prediction, nor just a tool for self reflection. Embodying the wisdom of each and every card in my daily life has been so fulfilling. This has encouraged me to enjoy life’s journey like The Fool.

Once her work touches your awareness, you will never be the same again. Then, things that you are holding onto—your habits, your routines, your karmic tendencies, etc., will fall apart, as much as you allow them to. This invites new possibilities to come into your life. One day, you will notice that your experiences with your environment has changed. This is the magic of her work. This is the beauty of her creation.