Soul Contract Reading

Do you wish you had a detailed map showing you how to get from where you are to where you want to be? Are you tired of delays, detours, heartbreaks and disappointments on your journey to manifesting your ideal life?

Clarity. Without it, we’ll be meandering the back alleys of life. Nothing wrong with that. But wouldn’t it be nice to walk along a peaceful path, aware of where you are, what you’re meant to do there and where to head next?

The Soul Contract Reading is designed to reveal the subconscious limitations that block us from getting what we want. In some ways, it is a map of the lessons that the soul has agreed to learn when in human form.

Cheryl Ambrose created this 12-card tarot spread back in 2009. She wanted to know why certain patterns kept repeating, and whether these patterns were anchored in past lives. Within one month, she was reading for clients professionally and since then has performed thousands of Soul Contract Readings, in person and via Skype. Aside from using the cards, she taps into your energy field to sense which chakras are blocked and find the source of that problem. Many clients report that their aches and pains strangely disappear after a reading.

During your one-hour session, your reading will reveal:

  • the current lessons your soul is urging you to learn
  • the reason certain patterns keep repeating and how to break them
  • why you have problems with money, or relationships, or anything else
  • old wounds that are ready to be healed
  • how to feel fulfilled right now even if things are not currently going to plan
  • past life trauma that is manifesting as a block in your life (if relevant)
  • advice from your soul about any concerns you may have.


Depending on what you wish to learn and accomplish, your reading will be done with either the gentle energies of the Osho Zen Tarot, or the powerful Journey into Egypt Tarot. Either way, expect this reading to remove layers of defences built over the years to hide deep emotional scaring so you can finally allow love and light into your heart.



Each Soul Contract Reading costs RM350 (approx US$85). Readings can be done via Skype or in person in Kuala Lumpur.

Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch via email. Throw us a bone and suggest at least three dates please.