Astrology of the Subconscious Mind

Do you struggle with these 12 Blocks to Love and Abundance?

  • Allowing others to dictate how you should live, think or act
  • Constantly apologizing or feeling guilty for no reason
  • Wanting to punish others
  • Feeling ashamed of your past
  • Not believing that miracles are possible
  • Choosing from the head and not the heart
  • Blaming others for your misfortune
  • Defining your life by what has happened
  • Struggling to appreciate loss and change
  • Focusing on what will happen rather than what is happening
  • Feeling lonely, unappreciated and unloved
  • Unable to accept help from others

Many people spend years trying to overcome these issues but find it near impossible to overcome them all at the same time. If even one of these blocks exist in your subconscious, it can and will affect how and what you manifest.

None of this is your fault. These limitations were planted a long time ago in your subconscious.

The reason you have found it difficult to get rid of your limitations is because you  cannot see how all these different elements connect into one big picture.

That’s about to change.

By working with specific asteroids in your natal chart, I can pinpoint exactly:

  • Why you face these issues
  • The shocking way they affect your finances, romantic life, career and health
  • The original source of these limiting beliefs
  • How you can overcome them permanently right now
  • How to use the talents hiding behind your limitations
  • How to transform your life right now.

The subconscious is made up of layers and layers. Sometimes, you may get rid of one belief but miss the branches that have grown from that belief. This report will pick up on every single seed, root and branch that are growing in your subconscious. The result is a gleaming new blank slate.

Bonus! Order now and I’ll include a special bonus not available anywhere else. I will go deeper into your chart and find the specific past live sources of your limitations. Your awareness of the source is enough to break the subconscious limitation and free you from the past. Then you can effortlessly create your future.

Your special price for this life-changing report is only $47. That’s a small investment to completely remove all your subconscious limitations and allow love and abundance to flow effortlessly into your life.

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One thought on “Astrology of the Subconscious Mind

  1. A powerful report. It serves as a wake up call for you to be aware those stubborn patterns that are repeating in your life. It also gives you a suggestions on how to rise above those limitations. Then, it is entirely up to you to allow those rigid structures break, creating more space for new possibilities. Highly recommended. Give it a try!


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