We’ve taken the mysticism out of the mystical arts and made it relevant for contemporary life, so you’ll never have to dance naked under the full moonlight. Unless you want to. And if your neighbours don’t mind. All courses, whether delivered through video tutorials or workbooks, rest on the backbone of ancient knowledge. Each of these lessons were once delivered as live workshops, all of them to critical acclaim. So we know they work. 

Cycles of the Moon

Each Full Moon is like a broom. It comes to sweep away all the broken bits and bobs you hoard in the subconscious. This fabulous new journal-styled workshop spans the entire year. That’s right. You won’t have an excuse for neglecting your inner self. But you will be done with old energies so you can finally invite love, abundance and joy into your life.


The Tree of Life: Graceful Abundance

Feng Shui for your inner self. The balance of the five elements in your emotional body can make or break you. This journal-styled workshop will invigorate your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical etheric bodies, turning you into the Tree of Life. Yes, that’s right. You’ll become a pure channel for Divine inspiration and accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.



Astrology of Atlantis: Coming Soon

Our life-changing method of approaching astrology has transformed muggles into mystics. The entire framework is currently being upgraded due to new information flowing down from the big boss. What we’ve seen so far is already blowing our minds. Heads up to our students who’ve done this course live: you’re gonna want in on this again.


Intuitive Tarot Workshop: Coming Soon

The Tarot. Not a tool for fortune telling. Might possibly become your treasured confidante for life. One who will always tell you the truth, like it or not. The tarot is like a mirror into your soul. It reaches beyond the physical world and reveals details about your journey so far. Past lives, childhood drama, latent talents, all the beauty and pain you keep locked away in a dusty closet somewhere in your subconscious. That’s the stuff the tarot will lead you to. It believes that when you can see the source of your troubles, you can defeat it. It’s right. Great class for beginners. And for advanced practitioners who want a new perspective on reading the cards. We’re filming the videos now, so hold your unicorns.

Contemporary Alchemy: Coming Soon

Ah, the heavy stuff. We’ve struck out the snobbery and delusions of grandeur from this incredibly fascinating and powerful ancient science. Based on our live alchemy workshops, which were staid and serious but nonetheless powerful, this course will show you how to take the rubbish you’ve been handed all your life and use it to recreate yourself and your world.