Cycles of The Moon

The Full Moon Cycle of Cancer reflects the process of removing subconscious limitations to abundance through a deep understanding of time, and the process of giving and receiving without expectation of reward. This is a powerful month to transform your sense of security and attract wealth, love, support, work, or anything else that you have been denying yourself. 

Do you wonder why you cannot seem to give birth to your creative visions, why money flows in and out of your life too quickly,  or why you struggle with relationships? This journal-based workshop will help you find the root cause of these blocks in your life and remove them from your subconscious. Master the each of the 13 Full Moon cycles of 2018, the year of the Moon, in this free workshop.

The Moon is symbolic of our hidden talents, the gifts we carry over from our past lives. The Moon is also the gateway guardian of the subconscious where we store our fears, which often manifests as blocks to abundance, love, joy and peace.

Working with the cycles of the moon empowers you to tap into your intuition and reclaim the gifts, skills, and talents, basically your power to create your life.

You will learn how to:

  • Trust yourself to make decisions that empower you in the long-run
  • Heal emotional issues that have held you back from feeling joyful and fulfilled
  • Guide you on working with the cycles of the moon to enhance your manifestation power
  • Reconnect you with your inner Goddesses so life flows effortlessly
  • Discover your passion and reignite your creativity
  • Overcome subconscious limitations that sabotage your relationships, career and finances
  • Find your authentic voice so you finally live on your own terms
  • Master the meaning of freedom
  • And much more.

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