Alchemy of the Self: Second 10 Days of the Full Moon Cycle in Leo

Everything is alchemy. Mystical as it sounds, alchemy is actually the quest for the truth of who you are, and the wisdom to live by that truth. It is the hero’s journey, the quest for the Holy Grail, the healing elixir that will magically transform your life. Your reward is but one: Clarity.  Continue reading “Alchemy of the Self: Second 10 Days of the Full Moon Cycle in Leo”

Full Moon In Leo


One month into the year and we run smack into a Blue Moon. Not just any Blue Moon but one that winks at us with a mischievous grin, as if daring us to go after the impossible dream. This Full Moon Cycle in Leo comes with an added bonus—a lunar eclipse that empowers us to face those inner demons we use as excuses to not even bother dreaming.  Continue reading “Full Moon In Leo”

A Lesson in Letting Go from Apple

You don’t have to be a believer of spirituality or New Age concepts to know that letting go is an integral part of feeling happy and fulfilled. You just have to use an iPhone. Think of letting go of the past as cleaning up the storage on your phone. If you hold onto every little app, every inconsequential image, every piece of junk email, you’re gonna run out of space for new apps, new photos and new messages.  Continue reading “A Lesson in Letting Go from Apple”

The Art of Making Money & Falling in Love

Making money is very much like falling in love. Actually, they are exactly the same. Imagine seeing someone across the proverbial room. Your heart is ablaze with childhood remnants of happily-ever-afters. And so with determination, you set out to capture your prize, that prince or princess.  Continue reading “The Art of Making Money & Falling in Love”