Once upon a time, we charged exorbitant sums for our workshops. They were amazing workshops. Life changing. Visionary. Worth every penny. But they served such a tiny community. Even though we flew here and there trying to include the world. We’ve been advised by the big boss that our work needs to reach a wider audience if we are to fulfil our purpose of lightening the energies of this world. We concur. 

School of Mystical Arts

Our mission is to revive the ancient arts that went down with Atlantis. Knowledge and education were freely disseminated in that Golden Age. We’re keeping with the tradition. Our classes, no matter how they are delivered, will always remain free of charge. We know how it feels to want to learn something and not have the funds. If you wish to contribute to our cause, but only if you’re doing it out of gratitude and not out of guilt, we say a humble thank you.

Black Cockatoo

We needed a name. The Black Cockatoo card fell out from The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards by Chip Richards (Blue Angel). We took it as a sign. After all, the Black Cockatoo has a bald spot at its crown that some say is a portal to other worlds. Perhaps so. This master of communication uses its magnificent crest and multitude tones to get its complex message across. As does this school. Minus the crest. We are thinking of wearing headdresses to address this problem. Stay tuned.

Cheryl Ambrose, Founder

Once she was lost. She was found years later meandering the fringes of this world and that. Thankfully, she was never the same again. She knows things now, like your past lives, the state of your internal organs, your attempts to lie to yourself. Yes, she is scary. Scarily accurate. You could call her psychic but who isn’t? She’s spent years studying and teaching metaphysics, even has a highfalutin degree to go with it. Spends her time connecting dots where dots don’t exist. At least to the naked eye. Give her a new deck of cards and she’ll create a workshop. One that works.

Archangel Metatron, Curriculum Director

The big boss. The man who won’t let us sleep because there’s work to be done. He claims that the world is ready to peer behind the veil. We hope so. That’ll make our jobs easier. And your lives better.


Our resident energy savers. They turn up when we’re exhausted, reminding us to use our hearts not our heads when writing, creating, and reaching out. They treat us like pets. We don’t mind.