Alchemy of the Self: Second 10 Days of the Full Moon Cycle in Leo

Everything is alchemy. Mystical as it sounds, alchemy is actually the quest for the truth of who you are, and the wisdom to live by that truth. It is the hero’s journey, the quest for the Holy Grail, the healing elixir that will magically transform your life. Your reward is but one: Clarity. 

We are into the second 10 days of the Full Moon Cycle in Leo (Feb 10-19), with a powerful New Moon dividing the time into two equal parts. The first part of the cycle urges us to reflect deeply on what it is that we have been longing for, the thing that will make us feel whole again. The next stage of the cycle will bring the opportunities to implement what you learned about yourself into your daily existence.

Full Moon in Leo 3 of Coins


Here we have the 3 of Coins from the Journey into Egypt Tarot as a guide to mastering this pivotal moment. The man in the image is the Light Bearer, the keeper of the truth of who you are, why you are here and the meaning of life. Rarely do we listen to his counsel because we are distracted by the demands of the subconscious mind.

But if we were to listen to his guidance and dedicate ourselves to discovering these truths, then the Ego, pictured here as the woman, will manage the fanciful desires of the subconscious, or the wayward child within.

Human beings only have two desires that separate us from the natural world. Nature is elegant, graceful and effortlessly powerful because it lives by its truth. A coconut tree will not aspire to produce pineapples. A cat will not feel guilty for making birds their playthings. Nature yearns for nothing outside its true nature. Our two desires that prevent us from listening to the Light Bearer are the quest for money and love.

With one of these two as a goal, we cannot hear the Light Bearer because only the subconscious yearns for these things. All other things we lust for, like acceptance recognition, power, status, sex, are branches from our quest for love or money. There is nothing wrong with having money or love, but if these are your focus, then your journey in this world will lead you in the darkest forests where the true path is hidden from you.

Magic happens when the three selves merge into an alchemical marriage, a sacred union. When all three are one, anything is possible in the material world. But there is a caveat: What you want must be the truth. And what you gain will be clarity. Then you can manifest anything.

And so this period is about reflecting on your life and deciding what elements you have been chasing all your life that prevents you from seeing clearly. What you rush to possess are distractions thrown at you from the subconscious, the tantrum throwing child within. If you can understand how craving for romance or wealth have affected your sense of wellbeing, your peace of mind, and mostly, your ability to love yourself unconditionally, then you will know what you must surrender if you wish to achieve the Holy Grail.

When you see how your quests have been clouding your judgment, then inspiration will flow. The New Moon becomes a vibrant, intense, passionate turning point offering you the opportunity to commit yourself to the path that is true to you.  Your Light Bearer will awaken and nothing will ever be the same again.

If this period sounds scary, it’s only because the subconscious is terrified of change. It wants to snuggle into its comfort zone by clinging to its security blanket. What is your security blanket? What are you afraid of losing? What are you lusting to gain?

Somewhere in the space between these answers, if you care to patiently look for it, lies the secret key that will unlock the door to your destiny and your freedom.


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