The Sacred Quest

There exists another world. A world of pure energy, where we are stripped of our human limitations, where we vibrate at our highest potential, where we are pure energy. If all this sounds romantic, surreal, the imaginings of a child, it is because only the child’s mind can lead us there. 

Children’s literature attempts to remind us of this otherworld. There’s Alice who scurries after the White Rabbit; Harry who discovers his inherent magical powers; Bilbo who is dragged against his will into an adventure; Arthur who pulls the sword from the stone. None of them set out to achieve anything. They simply followed the trail of the quest. They followed the questing beast.

Questing Beast

Questing is the sacred practice of searching for the pathway into the otherworld where the extraordinary is ordinary. In this realm of magic, the impossible becomes tangible. But adult minds are trained on other things. Their sights are not naturally set on questing. Yet it is the quest that leads to these mystical lands where all dreams already exist.

In light of the challenge of the Full Moon Cycle in Leo, which pleads with us to dream up a quest that will take us faraway from our comfort zone so we can cross the threshold into the otherworld and return with our personal Holy Grails, I turned to my favourite quest-centric oracle deck for insight on how best to manoeuvre the roads and crossroads leading to the Lands Adventurous.

The Camelot Oracle: A Quest for Wisdom Through the Arthurian World is a deck composed of archetypes. Archetypes are the universal qualities that everyone of us must possess if we wish to embark on any quest, be it in this world or in the otherworld.

Mine is a quest of magnificent proportions that a muggle might say is humanly impossible to achieve. But take that quest into the otherworld where there are no human limitations, and such notions of difficult and impossible disappear like Excalibur into the watery arms of the Lady of the Lake.

It promises to be an arduous journey, as quests are meant to be if one wishes to return transformed. And so I turn to the Camelot Oracle to seek the advice, insight and warning of the Council of Peers.

On this quest, Pellinore is a my champion. In other words, his archetypal qualities will assist me in accomplishing this quest. His main aspect, which must become my point of focus, is PERSEVERANCE. Power through, keep going when the world calls you a moron for attempting such a feat, which is why there is no need to tell others what I, or you, plan to get up to.

Next comes my challenger who sniggers because they know this is a quality I must work hard to master. That person is Igraine, whose aspect is ANCESTRAL WISDOM. Her message to bear in mind during this quest is to trust that wisdom. Faltering in my faith simply means I do not believe in the importance of this quest.

With just two cards, the gateway into the otherworld slides open. The quest has begun. Now come the voices of seven other challengers, seven other qualities that I will need to develop or acquire as the quest progresses. Each of them possess a specific question to help me harness that quality once I’m on the road.

There’s Cundrie, the guardian of the Grail Question, which can open the way to the success of the quest. Her aspect is WISDOM. To claim that quality in its entirety, I need to answer this question: Which action, thought, word or intention is having its effect right now? Yeah, their questions are tricky.

Next up is Nasciens, who has the habit of following me on all my quests. His aspect is CONTEMPLATION. Good man. He suggests that lying around dreaming is as important as galloping at full-tilt. He too has a question. Who among those you trust might see a clear way forward? So, evidently I might need to make new allies on this journey.

Then we reach the Fisher King, Pelles, whose aspect is WOUNDEDNESS. Part of the reason for this quest, the subconscious reason according to Pelles, is to heal an ancient wound. What that is I will only know during the course of the journey with this question in mind: What skill are you neglecting? Ooh, here’s the opportunity to develop a new skill. Fabulous.

Lady of the Lake

And then comes The Lady of the Lake. Her aspect is none other then OTHERWORLDLINESS. Her question, which boggles my logical mind, is: Who or what will bring you to a safe harbour? I’m guessing the who is someone in that otherworld. We’ll have to see.

The rest of the crew are Dindrane, the only woman involved in the Grail Quest, whose quality is SACRIFICE; Galahad, one of the winners of the Grail, whose quality is SPIRITUALITY; and finally, Blaise, who was Merlin’s master and keeper of the most profound esoteric secrets, whose quality is INSIGHT. They each have their questions, which I will need to address at some point on this trip into the otherworld.

Why am I writing about this?

People tend to set goals with their eyes fixed on the prize, which is fine, if they already possess the archetypal qualities required to achieve that goal. Running a 10km marathon is no big deal for someone who has done it a couple of times. But it might kill someone like me whose only exercise is walking away from the computer to raid the fridge and return.

The same applies to quests of the spirit. We need challengers on such a quest to push us to our limits, as would a personal trainer, to ask us the difficult questions that we don’t want to answer so we have a staple of supplies during the journey. Observing the qualities we have and the qualities we will need to develop prepares us to undertake any quest so then when we reach the end, we are not fazed by whether we have achieved our physical goals but appreciate the spiritual values we gained during the trip into the otherworld.

The sacred quest, the quest of the soul, will never culminate in the exact manner we wish. That is not important. Alice woke up from her dream enriched by her experience; Harry found himself; Bilbo discovered the allure of power; Arthur understood the temporariness of life. Each of them grew stronger, more confident; each of them suffered pain and heartbreak in their own way; each of them was transformed by their quest.

That is after all the sole purpose of any quest. To return to this world changed in ways that you could never have imagined.




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