Harness the Energy of the Super Moon Cycle of Leo

Logic. It is the bane of all magic, the invisible barrier that stops dreamers from dreaming, artists from creating, visionaries from inventing. Intuition. It is the path that leads to magic, opening portals to inspiration, genius and passion. 

The act of creating, or manifesting if you wish, requires both logic and intuition in the correct sequence. If logic were to lead the way, then intuition cannot enter. Things become tedious, goal-oriented and very tiring. If only intuition were to exist, the process of manifesting a vision will be shrouded in a mist of ideas where nothing becomes a reality.


Full Moon in Leo Chariot


The Super Moon Cycle in Leo, as illustrated by The Chariot in The Journey into Egypt Tarot, impresses the importance of using both intuition and logic if you wish to bring your vision to life. The Sun represents logic; the Moon represents intuition.

All this month, Leo, the sign of the visionary, challenges us to dream bigger than we ever dreamed before, shattering the voice of logic during this process and listening only to the whispers of intuition. When the idea feels right, when goosebumps run up and down your arms, when you cannot stop smiling, then you know the idea is perfect. Then and only then do you turn to logic to plan the journey of translating your idea into material reality.

This lunar cycle is extremely powerful because it is trying to force us to deal with our greatest subconscious fears. Make what has been your biggest obstacle your goal. For example, if you are afraid of being hurt in a relationship, then you must journey towards a relationship and make the attempt to break the limitations in the subconscious. If you have struggled with finances, then make the journey to attracting abundance. This will require you to leave your comfort zone altogether and take drastic steps by coming up with ideas that make your heart sing.

The real journey here is the alignment of the conscious (the Sun) and the subconscious (the Moon). When the two are in harmony, then life becomes effortless.


The First 10 Days of the Full Moon in Leo: Jan 31 to Feb 2

Full Moon in Leo 4 of Coins


4 of Coins

Before starting out on a journey, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves must be prepared so you have the temperament, energy, confidence and clarity to go after your biggest, wildest dreams.

This version of the 4 of Coins is a reminder that one cannot merely take care of the physical details of accomplishing a goal. The real magic exists in the emotional state. Notice that while the priests prepare the man for his new adventure, the gods pictured on the wall behind are busy purifying his emotional body.

Use these 10 days to draw awareness to the fears that have prevented you from going after your wildest dream. Search through your past for clues.

  1. How did you handle the task of bringing a goal to fruition?
  2. Did you use logic at the expense of intuition? This would have left you exhausted and unfulfilled.
  3. Did you use intuition at the expense of logic? Then you might have felt despondent and alone.
  4. How will your plan to achieve your goals change if you used intuition first and then logic?

Think of the physical work that you must do to achieve your goal. Then consider what emotional energy you need to develop within to sustain the process of reaching the finish line.

This is not a card of action but rather one of observation and preparation. Use this time wisely and magic will happen before the next full moon on March 1. Check back for the next part of harnessing the energies of this lunar cycle, which will kick in on Feb 10.

Happy dreaming.

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