Full Moon In Leo


One month into the year and we run smack into a Blue Moon. Not just any Blue Moon but one that winks at us with a mischievous grin, as if daring us to go after the impossible dream. This Full Moon Cycle in Leo comes with an added bonus—a lunar eclipse that empowers us to face those inner demons we use as excuses to not even bother dreaming. 

What is the one dream that you have been carrying in the silence of your heart? What is that cherished goal you secretly, or not so secretly, wish you could achieve if only you could overcome your doubts?

This wonderful Full Moon Cycle in Leo offers all dreamers a boost of energy to accomplish more than the mind believes is physically possible. For the next 30 days, this lunar cycle will lead you by the hand to reconsider your definition of power.

Power, we have been told, means exerting physical force to accomplish a goal. The mind immediately associates ‘power’ with words like struggle, effort, competition, which is exactly the stuff that will prevent magic and miracles from manifesting in our lives.

Magic is called magic because it is effortless. Or at least, appears to be physically effortless because it contradicts common sense.


King of Coins

King of Coins: Full Moon in Leo

This card from The Journey into Egypt Tarot, shows the secret to achieving your wildest dreams. The physical person in the card, the King, may have his horses harnessed and ready to go at a moment’s notice but he is not moving. Not physically.

In the image etched onto the wall behind him however, the King, his horses and his servants are already in the throes of action. Without moving a single muscle, the physical King is on the path to accomplishing his goal.

The physical body is composed of the mind and the emotions. The mind dreams up an idea of what it wants (although most people think of what they don’t want), and these thoughts sink into the emotions. When you have a great idea, you feel alive and happy. When you think of what can go wrong, you feel tired and depressed.

These thoughts and feelings then either cause you to act on that idea or give up before you even start. You may think that the process of achieving your goals is difficult because it will require extreme effort of discipline and willpower. If you proceed with the goal with these thoughts, you force yourself to commit to the process and will inadvertently tire yourself out halfway through. If you don’t start, your thoughts and emotions slowly start to fill with guilt and regret, draining your power.

The King of Coins points out the foolishness of this endeavour. Why are you using your physical body alone when you have two other bodies dying of boredom somewhere within you?

The human energy field is made up of three interconnected bodies. There is the conscious mind or the Ego (which is the physical body, the mind and emotions); there is the Higher Self or what I prefer to call the Light Bearer; and there is the subconscious mind, which I think of as the Observer.

Look at the image above again. In the etching on the wall, the King with his bow and arrow drawn back is like the Light Bearer. He knows the best route to take, how to navigate the traps on the path, when to strike and when to lay low. The Light Bearer is your internal GPS navigator.

The horses that are moving according to the King’s direction represent the Ego in an ideal world. For most of us, the Ego fears for its survival so it operates on an agenda of its own designed to protect it from risk. It is spooked by the whispers of others, distracted by vegetation growing on the roadside, and prefers to travel on the same path as all the other horses. This Ego doesn’t even realize that the Light Bearer will be happy to guide the way to a place where magic exists.

Behind the chariot are a couple of servants carrying all the stuff needed for this trip. These are the Observers, the subconscious mind, who should merely follow the procession without saying a word. But in the mundane world where fear freezes us from taking a risk, it is the voice of the Observer that the Ego listens to. The horses follow the direction of the servants, who cannot even see where they are going.

Sound ridiculous? Well, that’s how we have been conditioned to operate in life.

So here’s the big challenge from the Full Moon in Leo.

Change the alignment of the three bodies within you so that the Light Bearer leads, the Ego follows directions, and the Observer brings all the relevant experiences required to accomplish your goals.


How? Valid question. You can’t exactly yell at all your bodies and get them to listen. It’s going to take a little trickery to make this happen. But isn’t that what magic is all about?

Step 1: Decide on a goal you want to achieve. Make sure this goal is something you really, really want. Make it big, bold and risky.

Step 2: Will this goal keep you in your comfort zone or will it lead you to exciting new adventures? If you want to attract more money just so you can retire, then that’s the comfort zone calling. Think again. Your goal must propel you towards an experience you have never had. So you could say you want to attract more money because then you’ll be able to experience the sensation of being abundant. How will this abundance push you to live outside your comfort zone? If it doesn’t, think again.

Step 3: What is the fear you will conquer by accomplishing your goal? What patterns will you be breaking? The subconscious will only shut up and act like the servant if your actions will override this fear and break old patterns that have been keeping you stuck where you are. Your goal must allow you to face your fears.

Step 4: If mid-way during your journey, those old fears start invading your mind and emotions, what will you do? Come up with an action plan so you stay one step ahead. Your action plan is actually advice from your Light Bearer. Listen closely and follow through.

Step 5: What does your Ego have to say about going after your dream? If it gives you excuses for why it cannot be done, refer to your action plan and override the Ego by following through.

Do this within the next couple of days under the guidance of the lunar eclipse. It will help you see your subconscious fears better. Go deeper into the journey of the Full Moon Cycle in Leo here for step-by-step guidance on mastering this glorious month.

I’d love to hear your feedback on how this plan to subvert the Observer and the Ego works out for you. You can leave them here below. Thanks for reading.


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