A Lesson in Letting Go from Apple

You don’t have to be a believer of spirituality or New Age concepts to know that letting go is an integral part of feeling happy and fulfilled. You just have to use an iPhone. Think of letting go of the past as cleaning up the storage on your phone. If you hold onto every little app, every inconsequential image, every piece of junk email, you’re gonna run out of space for new apps, new photos and new messages. 

If you’ve been working with the Full Moon Cycle of Cancer these last ten days, then you’re already aware that we’re in spring cleaning mode. The current moon cycle is bringing up previously submerged emotions so you can take a look at them and decide what you want to save and what you want to delete. If you haven’t, you can download the PDF here.

The biggest challenge of this cycle is releasing the pain of the past so you can reprogram your subconscious with only good memories. But how do you forget all the horrible things that have happened? Well, you don’t.

Imagine that your energy field is like an iPhone. Imagine that your memories are like a gallery of photos. Imagine that your internal gallery is filled with gorgeous shots as well as some pretty blurry ones. Now imagine that your energy field is ready for new experiences that will become new memories but there isn’t enough storage space. What do you do? You flip through the memories in your energy field, select the ones you want to keep, and simply delete the rest.

Over the next 10 days, as we shift into the energies of the 6 of Coins (karmic return), think about every single person who has had an impact—negative and positive—in your life. Focusing on one person at a time, force yourself to find one happy experience you have had with them. It’s there. You just have to push aside your anger and pain to find it.

Once you do find it, make that wonderful memory the ONLY one you keep of that person. That’s it. Every time you think of them, only that memory can exist. Each time they come to mind, force yourself to only see that memory.



You’ve just made space in your life for new people, new experiences and new memories. But more importantly, you’ve just healed ALL your relationships, whether or not that person is still in your life. And you’ve successfully released the past, thereby making space for your brand new future.


The choice of looking back and seeing pain, or looking back and remembering only the laughter is yours alone. You get to decide whether you will continue to let the past hold you back or whether you will start creating your future.

I’d love to hear how you’ve been doing with the exercises in the Full Moon Cycle of Cancer workshop. Go ahead and leave your feedback, comments and questions below.




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