A Spark of Hope

What if there was a shortcut to removing ALL the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind instantly? What if the process of allowing the authentic you, the one who is receptive to opportunities and miracles, to emerge is as simple as deciding that it can and must be done right now? 

For many years I believed that the art of evolving past our old, limited self and into an awakened person required hard work. And that is how I taught the tarot and astrology. We can only teach what we know and for me, that path of self-discovery was a long, trying process. I do not know how many years, how much money or how many tears I shed just so I could begin to understand myself better. I expected it to be the same for my students.

This was a long time ago. Things have changed. The energies of this world has changed. Our consciousness has changed.

Today, I believe that the process of self-transformation does not have to take years, months or even weeks. It can happen overnight. If you’re not afraid of change.

The fear of change is the only thing that holds us back from looking at what we don’t like in our lives and doing something about it. We say we don’t want to be stuck in the same place that we are now and then procrastinate by doing the same things over and over again.

It’s not your fault. The fear of change is embedded deep in the subconscious as a protective shield. The subconscious believes that it is better to deal with the problems that plague you every day rather than step out into the unknown and deal with new, possibly more difficult problems. The subconscious cannot perceive of a life free of problems. It cannot comprehend a life where you do not have to struggle.

That is why most people keep reading self-help books and attending courses but never quite make that leap from where they are to where they secretly wish they were.

Imagine if you could remove all limitations and fears from your subconscious right now. Would you do it? How would your life change? Are you afraid of what might happen?

I have spent the last six months searching for a direct approach to eliminate those subconscious fears. And I found it. It’s right here if you want to take that leap of faith.




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