The Art of Making Money & Falling in Love

Making money is very much like falling in love. Actually, they are exactly the same. Imagine seeing someone across the proverbial room. Your heart is ablaze with childhood remnants of happily-ever-afters. And so with determination, you set out to capture your prize, that prince or princess. 

Anyone who has had to run after their dogs or cats knows only too well that the more you chase them, the faster they’ll try and run away from you.

Potential lovers, like potential fortunes, are like our pets. The more you run after them, the more they’ll try to free themselves from your grip.

In 2018, the Universe is all set to support the blossoming of romance and the burgeoning of abundance. We’ve got the undivided attention of the Moon, that mistress of Goddess energy, urging us to open our hearts and let love and money flow effortlessly into our lives like the ebb and flow of the tides.

The Moon wants you to have it all. But there is a teeny tiny catch. The Moon amplifies our emotions. It shines its light into our subconscious were our hopes and dreams are imprisoned in the cages of past experiences. The Moon wants us to revive those dreams, to remember the lightness of living with hope.

So she and the Goddesses have a singular focus. They want us to free those parts of us that once—whether in this life or another—made us feel alive, rich, creative and adored.

Many of us have our eyes trained on those cages of past experiences. We’re so afraid that the past will repeat itself and break our hearts, that we try to ignore those wonderful qualities we have imprisoned in our subconscious. We’re so afraid of loss that every day we strengthen the bars of those cages with pain, regret, guilt, anger, envy, resentment and judgement.

The Moon is very determined to do her job. She wants us to destroy the cages so that we are empowered to add beauty to the world. And so she recycles our experiences, sending us the same types of lovers or similar patterns of abundance and poverty, until we realise that we are manifesting from those cages rather than from our hopes and dreams.

Manifesting from our cages causes us to chase those potential lovers and potential fortunes. The harder we try, the faster and more painfully we lose it all.

The art of making money and falling in love is to stop running after what we want and find within us those dreams we have shoved into the basement of our being. When we bring our dreams up to the conscious mind, we remember who we really are. We remember our power to create. We ignite out manifestation ability.

But how on earth do we go digging in a dark, dingy and damp basement where the monsters of the past are prowling, waiting for us for to unlock that cages so they can devour all our dreams?

Okay, so here’s a secret way to discover whether you are manifesting from your dreams or from those cages. Learn to discern whether what you want is a product of passion or lust. There’s a vast difference here.

Passion, like the Moon, is feminine energy. Passion stirs from emotions. Passion makes us feel alive, vibrant and motivated. Passion urges us to create regardless of the circumstances surrounding us. Passion is full. It grows from abundance.

Lust is empty. Lust is a by-product of lack. Lust makes us long for the things we think will make us feel alive, vibrant and motivated. Lust causes us to feel frustrated, depressed and tired. Lust urges us to escape but creates new cages to trap us.

Your challenge from the Moon is to shine a light on your past experiences and compare the difference in terms of experience when you manifested from passion and when you manifested from lust.

That just one simple step. It may be all it takes for you to unlock your dreams and follow the throes of passion.

I needed more help than that. While working with the gorgeous Journey into Egypt Tarot, I created a template of sorts to help me consciously focus on healing specific monsters that are trolling my subconscious. It’s so powerful I could feel the tides turning immediately.

If you’d like some company on your descent into your inner basement, simply sign up for the free Cycles of the Moon journal-workshop. It’ll help you get back in sync with the moon cycles so you always manifest from passion and your dreams.



May 2018 bring you everything your heart desires. And then some.

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