An Alternative To Horoscopes

Horoscopes are great, aren’t they? They lay down the law according to the travels of the celestial Gods, and all we mere mortals have to do is toe the line. Simple. And then I saw the movie Inception. The one where Leo dives through layers and layers of the subconscious just to show us the power of the unchartered realms within us. This one quote from the movie made me question whether horoscopes are detrimental to mental health. 

“An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.”

Oops. I wondered if by reading my horoscope every month—Sun, Moon and Ascendent no less—I was incepting myself. Was I surrendering faith in my intuition each time I read another person’s commentary on how the movement of the planets might affect us? Worse, was I consciously planting seeds of fear in my subconscious to avoid taking charge of my life?

An idea is like a virus, even if Leo says so. It travels faster than the speed of light from the conscious mind and burrows deep into the subconscious where it snuggles in for the long haul. Notice how your energy shifts when you’re with vibrant, optimistic people who believe in unicorns, compared with when you’re reading about the economy or the political situation of any given country. Inception.

I picture the subconscious as a vast swamp land with quicksand-like qualities, waiting for random thought-seeds to feed its lust for programming. The subconscious operates on auto-pilot, which is great when we need to breathe while asleep. But not so great if the belief that money is the root of all evil has blossomed into a giant creeper that strangles our conscious intent to increase abundance.

There is much truth in horoscopes. They give accurate information on how we can work with the planets. So how can we read horoscopes without incepting ourselves?

In my younger days, I read horoscopes to see what would happen. I wanted to know if things were going to go my way or whether I should just hide out in my room and let the storm pass. But since my journey into metaphysics, I read horoscopes to see what planetary energies I can harness to create value in the world and what planetary energies I can use to resolve my inner battles.

So here’s what I think. Why we read horoscopes makes all the difference in what seeds we are planting.

If we read horoscopes to avoid pain and increase pleasure, then we’re incepting ourselves. By choosing to avoid pain, we stop ourselves from acting. And we strengthen the subconscious belief that everything we do must lead to the outcome that the ego desires.

When you go to read your yearly horoscopes for 2018—my favourite is Cafe Astrology because they aren’t outcome driven—keep in mind that what you’re looking for are the problem areas that demand inner work, and areas where your creativity and passion can guide you to expand internally and externally.


But my favourite form of guidance remains using my flavour-of-the-month oracle cards to shed light on how to strengthen my spiritual energies. It minimises the potential for inception, especially when confidence wanes.

My current go-to deck is The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid. Every morning, I pick one card from the deck and ask the same question: What can I learn today? The cards will always reveal a positive message, something that will take root in the subconscious. As more positive messages flow into the subconscious, they weed out old limitations and fears. Positive inception.

The three cards here were randomly selected from The Enchanted Map especially for everyone reading this, no matter when you see this post. When the time is right, the time is right.

Alternative to Horoscopes

  1. Wizard of Awareness: Pay attention to how differently the people in your life respond when you detach from your ego and take the neutral observer’s position.
  2. Education: What can you learn about yourself today?
  3. Into the Unknown: What do you avoid doing because you’re afraid of the outcome?




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