The Magical Themes of 2018

I’m terrible at math. But numerology, that I love. Numbers are like telescopes that highlight the big overarching themes of our lives, which we often miss because we’re fixated on the tiny little details. Know that saying that the devil is in the details? It’s true. Only details can get you down. But if you take those details and superimpose them against those big themes, then you’ll hit that orgasmic moment when your brain spasms with sheer delight because the ridiculousness of life suddenly makes perfect sense. 

So let’s look at the big themes for 2018 that will affect all of us energetically. The details of how these themes play out will naturally differ for everyone.

Add the number 2018 and you’ll get the number 11. That’s a number filled with karmic connotations. In the tarot, 11 is represented by the card Justice. I see Justice as the pivotal moment in time when the scales are poised to tip either way. Imagine that you are those scales in any given situation. When faced with a challenge, you hold the power to tip the scales according to your emotions. You can choose to react from anger, frustration or envy; you can choose to laugh at yourself, to respond with joy, to find the beauty in imperfections. Since Justice is a karmic card, it means that what you sow you will reap. What you see in the world you will attract to yourself. What you feel about yourself and others is how people will treat you.

The first big overarching theme of 2018 is to watch your emotions. Your emotions are your keys to making this year amazing. They are also the shackles that can blind you to your shortcomings. Don’t blame others. Ever. Especially not in 2018. Justice is watching.

This card is my favourite depiction of Justice from The Journey into Egypt Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts because she has beautifully captured the true essence of how best to use our emotions when caught in the pressures of daily life. Laugh it off. Learn to tickle yourself with a white feather if you must. Trying saying ‘Bubbles!’ angrily and see if you remain angry.

Magical Energies of 2018 Justice

The areas in your life where Justice will appear to test how you balance your emotions are carried over from this year, where the number 10 (2017 added together) brought challenges to help you master your emotions. This entire cycle began in 2010 when the number 3 started a fresh cycle. Try to recall all the challenges you faced from then up to now. Find the patterns and keep vigilant of how repeat performances jump out of nowhere and try to rile you up in 2018. Now that you know, however, I trust you’ll laugh in the face of temptation.

Justice is a hard taskmaster because we are such emotional creatures. We lose our shit when we don’t get what we want. So Justice suggests visiting her ally, The High Priestess, who represents the number 2 (which is 11 added together, for the mathematically challenged), who has the best solution to navigating the rough seas of our inner world.

The High Priestess from the same tarot deck shows us that the way to uphold our integrity, preserve our self-worth, rise above the pressures of this world, is to silence the ego. In this card, the ego is fast asleep, while the Divine Self, the real you, is awake and aware.

Magical Energies of 2018 The High Priestess

The sliver of moon beneath the sleeping ego represents the subconscious, which powers our emotions. We manifest every little detail of our lives through our subconscious. But we believe that we are manifesting with our conscious mind, our willpower, and therefore, the ego. The ego has its own twisted agenda. It wants to conquer at will. It wants to control the direction of our lives. We insist that things must go according to our plans. Sigh. That’s why we lose it when the love of our life dumps us, when we don’t get the job we want, when it feels like we can never win. One test of whether we will remain faithful to our Divine Self is other people telling us that what we’re doing is not right for us, or that it’s time to get practical. That’s a trick because when you do something that doesn’t resonate with your inner self, you will get frustrated and Justice will deliver what you send out.

So to ensure we keep on the right side of Justice, The High Priestess reminds us to listen to our intuition and manifest from there. Listen to your heart, not your head. Trust that the Universe has a better, bigger plan than we could ever conceive. If something doesn’t work out according to plan, let it go. Look within and find the source of the problem in the subconscious. The High Priestess is also the keeper of the esoteric arts, so this is the perfect year to start learning the tarot, astrology, alchemy, if I do say so myself. These tools will help remove the junk in your subconscious and allow you to really see who you are and what you (your Divine Self, not the ego) want.

The second overarching theme of the year is to learn from the past to clear the subconscious of old emotions like rejection, insecurity, lack, all assortment of fears, whatever no longer serves you, and start to see who you are through new eyes. Most importantly, have faith in your vision, in your truth, in your voice, no matter what others may say. This will invite the magical, invigorating energies of The Moon.

Magical Energies of 2018 The Moon

The Moon provides the third overarching theme of the year and that is to expect the unexpected. In the tarot, The Moon is card number 18 (that comes from the 18 at the end of 2018), the anchor number for the year. In this depiction, the naked women represent the purified aspect of the human emotions (emotions are considered feminine, just like the element of water). When freed of past longings, regrets, guilt, expectations, miracles descend into our lives.

The Moon is an invitation to dream the impossible dream. Dream not from the whims and will of the ego but from that magical place within you where you have buried your wildest dreams. Dream from a place of certainty not from a place of lack. Don’t ask for romance because you’re lonely. Ask for romance because you believe in that fairytale. Don’t ask for money because you don’t have enough. Ask for money because you deserve to live fully, completely, authentically. Don’t ask for validation of your worth. You are worthy.

This is your year. You’ve waited for its magic since 2010. Dream. Dream big. You deserve to feel the magic again.




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