7 Steps To Closing 2017 With A Flourish

What a year it has been. My first reaction to the year-end was to say good riddance. But, but, but 2017 is heavily laced with karmic connotations and I certainly have no intention of repeating that rollercoaster ride, thank you very much. Especially given the potent energies waiting to emerge in 2018

There was much to learn from this year. So much in fact that I turned to my trusted angelic friends via the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards for insight into how best to commandeer the trials and tribulations just past and mould them into wisdom that can be easily applied in the upcoming year. They suggested answering these seven questions to help us see how the events of the year, no matter how bleak, actually served our highest purpose.

1. How has the Universe supported you this year?

According to Archangel Raphael, looking for silent miracles that manifested in between the troubling times will help you appreciate the people and situations that you thought were causing you grief. Support was a big theme in 2017 and you may have been pressured to either ask for help or lend a helping hand, whichever was harder for you to do. The test was to develop a relationship with giving and receiving. Could you give without expectations of return? Could you receive without guilt? If you gave without expectations, then expect miracles to manifest in your life next year. If you received without guilt, then expect more abundance to come your way. If you couldn’t do one or the other, search the events of the year and find the moments when you were offered the  opportunity to learn these lessons. Your awareness and appreciation of the lessons embedded in those moments will be enough to turn the tide come 2018.

2. What did you learn from your losses this year?

Archangel Zaphkiel says that 2017 was rife with cleansing energy. This was the year of removing people and situations that you are not meant to carry into 2018, a year when magic will rule and dreams will come true. This year set the stage for your future to unfold. The losses you experienced were necessary to show you that the plans your ego created from a place of lack, fear or longing, will not support the manifestation of the plan your Divine Self has put in place. Every loss was meant to breakdown the ego. In that quiet space of surrender, you can hear the call of your soul. What does your soul wish you to experience in 2018?

3. What wonderful adventures did you have this year?

Archangel Jophiel reminds you to take the pleasures you experienced, the unbridled joy you felt, the moments you came alive, into the next year. In the throes of heartache and disappointment, it’s easy to lose sight of the good things and remember only the pain. Don’t do that. Joy and pain occur in equal measure but we tend to carry the weight of the negative and drop the lightness of the positive. Do the reverse. Write down every wonderful, amazing, evocative moment you experienced this year. Remember every laugh and smile, every moment you lost control and surrendered your ego. Now take that energy with you into the New Year.

4. What patterns did you break this year?

Archangel Raphael weighs in again with the quiet reminder that this was a year of clearing karma, releasing the past, healing the inner child. When the debris of the past is removed, when the slate is wiped clean, then your subconscious will be able to sustain your new visions, your ideal life. He suggests meditating on how you reacted or responded to challenges this year and compare them to the previous years. If you can spot the pattern, you can make a conscious decision to break them.

5. What fears did you overcome this year?

Buried within our greatest fears are our greatest treasures. Archangel Hanael asks that you recall the fears you succumbed to and the ones you overcame. She suggests that humanity has only one fear and that is the fear of the future. Every moment you felt trapped, doubtful, worried, resentful, envious, jealous, angry, stressed, all these emotions arose because we were afraid of what we could not predict. The big, fat lesson underlying this train of thought is that we cannot predict anything. Full stop. Check your fears. Can you see that they are all linked to time? There is only one way to overcome fear of the future and that is to live in this moment and this moment only.

6. What truths do you want to carry into next year?

Every lesson you became aware of, whether or not you put them into practice, became a part of who you are. Archangel Jophiel says that you will carry these truths into the next year. The choice of whether you do so consciously or subconsciously is yours. The problem lies in whether you saw these lessons as positive or negative. If you saw the brighter side of heartbreak and disillusionment, then trust that your new truth will serve you well. If you fell for the illusion of pain and disappointment, then this truth will continue to plague you subconsciously. Take a moment now to write down the major lessons you learned this year, the big patterns you noticed, and find within the darkness the tiny light that will lead you from where you are to where you want to be.

7. What energies do you wish to embody and share with others next year?

Archangel Raziel, the keeper of the mysteries of the Universe, asks that you consider what you felt others should have given you this year. Can you embody those energies within you and share them with others right now? His is a reminder that everything you need is already within you. When you willingly share these energies, feelings, sentiments with others, you anchor them within you, making you stronger. Before you plan your year ahead, consider what you longed for this year. What you seek is what you need to give away. If you want support, support others. If you want love, uplift the people around you. If you want attention, pay attention to others. If you want money, share the abundance you already have. If you want freedom, let the people in your life live by their truths.


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