An Alternative To Horoscopes

Horoscopes are great, aren’t they? They lay down the law according to the travels of the celestial Gods, and all we mere mortals have to do is toe the line. Simple. And then I saw the movie Inception. The one where Leo dives through layers and layers of the subconscious just to show us the power of the unchartered realms within us. This one quote from the movie made me question whether horoscopes are detrimental to mental health.  Continue reading

The Magical Themes of 2018

I’m terrible at math. But numerology, that I love. Numbers are like telescopes that highlight the big overarching themes of our lives, which we often miss because we’re fixated on the tiny little details. Know that saying that the devil is in the details? It’s true. Only details can get you down. But if you take those details and superimpose them against those big themes, then you’ll hit that orgasmic moment when your brain spasms with sheer delight because the ridiculousness of life suddenly makes perfect sense.  Continue reading